Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Models

These four vehicle models share a number of similarities. They are all part of the larger Chrysler family of automobiles that has been producing vehicles majorly targeting the American market. It is worth to note that in the past, the company has been facing stiff competition from other American brands as well as international ones. The Chrysler brand has had its ups and downs since its inception nearly a century ago. It almost went into bankruptcy in 2010 after the financial crisis of 2008. The years that followed forced the company to remain afloat amidst huge loans from the government of the United States as well as the Canadian administration to help it regain its stability. An Italian owned automobile firm manufacturer got interested in the deal and in 2014, Chrysler became its subsidiary. Here's a good read about  Jeep Dealerships Alexandria LA, check it out! 

Customers who want to buy these vehicles can get them from Chrysler dealerships or from other dealers that sell only one or more types of the above models. The Ram models are mainly pick-up trucks, which have not been enjoying a good reputation for a long time now as far as their strength and reliability is concerned. This has made many people in car dealership business who were previously focusing on Ram trucks only, to diversify in their product range. For instance in 2016, the Ram truck scored last among 29 brands during a consumer annual report on automobile reliability survey. To gather more awesome ideas on  Used Cars Opelousas LA, click here to get started. 

However the case is different when it comes to Jeep models. The Jeep is a creation of Chrysler and well identified for its SUVs. It is a relatively strong brand within America and beyond the borders. It is a favorite SUV for many customers. The car stands out for its elegant outlook with refined exterior designs as well as its capability to maneuver off-road with ease. Even though it can be hard for car dealers to sell used cars, a Jeep model normally have good resale value.

After Chrysler partnered with the Italian owned firm, it announced a new model called Dodge Dart. It was made with a great design and elegance, ready to challenge its rival brands in the market. It has very appealing exterior and interior features. For example, the car has ample luggage area in the trunk that can be further increased when seats are folded down. In addition to all these features, the car has a very competitive price tag compared to other models in its class. However, the brand didn't perform very well as it was anticipated. Dodge has not yet gained a good niche among many American customers. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.